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         MAGNUM OPES


Numerology services


              We offer numerology services, which include    Name selection for a new born baby

name change suggestions for grown ups

Brand name suggestions

marriage horoscope matching

               Our name selection is based out of  CHEIRO SYSTEM, PYTHOGRIAN HEBREW SYSTEM and among other scientific and traditional methods.

           We craft names with at most care and strive for perfection, keeping in mind the birth date and time,birth star, parent's suggestions, nick name,numerology combinations and among other factors. 


.Vaastu services

                            The science of vaastu is based on the concept of space (subtle energy) as a dynamic element out of which all objects of nature come into existence and into which all disappear ultimately.

                            The frequency of vibration of this subtle energy, which is based on a particular rhythm or time measure, causes the birth and development of all objects of nature. So time is the causal element of all material forms

                              . The main aim of vastu science is to create building spaces to live in harmony with subtle nature. The inner space of an individual and the outer space in the cosmos are vibrating at a particular frequency or rhythm. If a part of the vast space is isolated and enclosed by a four-walled structure, called a building, it becomes a living organism and the enclosed space starts vibrating at a particular frequency

                                         . The architect trained in the science and technology of vastu and vaastu designs the building in such a way that its vibrations are numerically equal to the vibrations of the occupants of the building which is determined by their birth stars.